Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Sometimes all you want to do is ride the Blue Ridge Parkway, but God may have another route in mind.  It may turn out to be a gravel road winding up and down the Smokie Mountains or a paved interstate.  Either way, "A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:21-23

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all!

After taking photos of the Bridges kids I ran upstairs to fluff my hair and touch up my face.  I had given Jeff a heads up, one day when he got home from work we'd take pictures in the field as the sun was setting.  Our wardrobe was already picked out and waiting.  The light was right and the hay bales beckoned!
I know, as a photographer, I should make more of an effort to have our own photos taken.  With Jeff getting off work late and the weekends slam full, it hasn't been possible.  We had to get while the getting was good.  Any photographer can identify.  I quickly taught momma how to back button focus, told her where to stand, and the composition I needed.  Then I posed Jeff and I.  It was quite a rushed 15 minutes, but I'm happy with the final product of our fall pictures.  ps. We were so rushed, we forgot Sunnie. ugh. That's what happens when you have someone working on the house, neices and nephews running around, supper cooking, and you try to have a photo session.
At least they weren't like these.....awkward family photos

Monday, October 7, 2013


Nomad: is a member of a community
of people who move from
one place to another.

It's been one year since Jeff and I packed up our first home.  We left Charleston October 6 of last year and unloaded our belongs into a storage room, only keeping the basics.  We kept seasonal clothes, my office stuff, surfboards, and 2 canvas wraps from our wedding day.
Since then we have lived in 3 zip codes!  We spent a few months in Lancaster, Jeff did a clinical in Dallas, then in Greer, SC.
Along our journey, God provided us with cozy homes to live in and has surrounded us with amazing family and friends(and clients)!  Not having our own normal has taught us a lot about ourselves.  I'm a fan of routines and comfort zones, but I've learned to adjust :)  Jeff always impresses me, he's pretty flexible with anything that happens.  Mostly, God has assured us that He will never leave us or forsake us.  Whether life is great or not at the time, we are surrounded by his blessings.
In the process of our nomadic year, we have seen God place opportunities in front of us that we would not imagine! 
Yes, we are looking forward to unpacking that storage room and moving, but we'll enjoy the next month or two living life the nomad way.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Back To School

"Back to school, back to school..." sing it like Billy Madison.  You KNOW you want to!
If you would have said, by Fall 2013 semester, you and Jeff will be working at NGU.  I would have looked at you with complete confusion. huh?  Well we are!  God has worked out a lot of major life stuff for us lately!  I am working part-time at North Greenville University as Enrollment Marketing Assistant.  I must say, I love it!  I was a work study in Admissions while I was in school, then I continued working with them through freelance design assignments.  Now I'm there Tuesday-Thursday designing our marketing materials, working on the Admissions website, and lots of other fun stuff!  I hope these prospect students get a real taste of the awesomeness of NGU through this marketing.  I know if they come to NGU they will hear the gospel and be discipled!  What a great purpose to have at work!
   Jeff is teaching Introduction to Health Promotions and Wellness and he does an Exercise Physiology Lab.  It's right up his alley!  He loves being able to inspire the future workers in the medical field!
   We love our alma mater and are blessed to work "Where Christ makes the difference."
   There are many times that we are stretched with the daily demands of life and 2 jobs each, but God gives us rest and keeps providing energy.
   You may wonder, what about photography?  It's still going full steam ahead!  This have sessions all weekend and will edit throughout the week.  I have had to reformat parts of my business plan.  It's been helpful to take a look at everything and reshape where necessary.
No worries, we still have time for fun!  Mom turned 60 and we celebrated at the lake.  We visited the Williams in Lancaster and Jeff led worship at Vertical Church. 
The Brick House improvements are coming along nicely!
Sunnie turned 2 years old!!
Millie and Evan will be married in 99 days!!!!!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013


"Snalsa" as James calls it.  We have hoed, pulled weeds, planted seeds, and are now reaping the harvest!  The main focus of this year's garden was to make salsa.  The consensus of last year's salsa stash was that it ran out far to quickly.  Not this year!

Everyone plays their part and it's different every time.  Libby hates to cut onions and I love it.  I don't want to peel the tomatoes, but mom has it covered.  Jeff was the master canner.  James started the garden...Millie loves to pick the garden.  Ya see!

We were writing down recipes, but that went out the window with a pinch of this and handful of that.

It's not odd for a sibling to come by for a visit and leave with a mason jar full of this veggie goodness :)  Just don't take too much, this has to last a whole year!